Intact^ Prepaid Visa* Card issued by RBC®

Your Card is already registered and ready to be used. The Card offers the convenience, flexibility and protection that you expect from Canada's largest provider of home, auto and business insurance.

The Card you have been issued can be used to make purchases wherever Visa cards are accepted1 - including online, by phone, at millions of retail locations worldwide and at ATMs.To withdraw cash at an ATM you must first call 1-855-228-8885 to obtain your personal PIN number.

You are not required to use all the funds at one store. The Cards work like cash but are much safer with added security and protection. This includes protection against unauthorized use provided cardholders take reasonable precautions to protect the Card, as set out in the Card agreement .

Please login to check your balance. You will need your Card number, access code and security code in order to do so.

Intact Privacy Policy

® Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada.
^ Trademark of Intact Financial Corporation, used under license.
* Registered trademark of Visa International Service Association, used under license.
‡ All other trademarks are the property of their respective owner(s).
1 Cards may be used to make purchases anywhere in the world where Visa cards are accepted. Cards cannot be used to make financial payments.